19 July 2021

15 Minute Challenge No lockdown yet

 As of last Thursday my hubby and I are now fully vaccinated.  There is no news when the kids will be in line for vaccines.  Apart from a sore arm (not as bad as last time) and a bit of a headache there were no adverse side effects at the moment it doesn't give you any privileges but I guess we ticked the box.  

There was a Covid case reported today in one of the public hospitals, and there are a number of exposure sites.  The guy is elderly, and so far there is only 4 exposure sites none of them are anywhere we frequent I'm sure it will expand but hopefully we won't head NSW and VIC's way.   

Due to work I haven't really been able to concentrate on any one project so am a bit all over the shop.  I've done some knitting, cross stitch, crochet and worked on another By Annie project (which I can't show as its a gift).  

The Babara Ana Design project has been unpicked a couple of times.  First to change the shadow face colour and last night because I mis read the chart for the hair.  Back to stitching tonight fingers crossed.

I purchase the first month of this cross stitch pattern.  Its the biggest project so far I have attempted.   It is the same price if you purchase the whole chart or just a month at a time.  I decided I wouldn't be under as much pressure if I just did it one section at a time.  The instagram feed has lots of colour inspiration and starting it late I get to see all the combos.  I settled on pink and burgundy on the grey linen.

Bought some new (cheapish) wool to start a square from Spincushion's new Granny Square Patchwork book.  The square ends up 15" I'm up to row 11 or 12 not sure there are 29 rows so not quite half way.  It wool is varigated with long distances between colour changes which seem to work well with the patten.

Sock progress, half way through the heel need to watch the youtube video to finish that bit off.  

I purchased some more sock yarn, linen for another cross stitch project and Jen Kingwells book which although had been orders days apart all arrived on the same day which happened to be the day DH had off which is always the way.  Luckily he ducked out to take Mo to work when everything arrived so my parcels managed to get in under the radar.  😛

Mo has one more week of mid year break and then its back to Uni.  One of her classes is at a different campus but luckily it isn't to far from where I work, we need to take a drive sometime this week to sort out how she is going to get there, public transport or come to work with me and I drop her there.  She's in avoidance mode at the moment but I don't think she can avoid it for much longer.  

Well I think that's it for this week.  I'm heading off to the physio.  

It was a 7 out of 7 this week.  See how everyone is getting on at Kate's 


Shasta Matova said...

I found that I had more peace of mind after the vaccine. When I saw other people who weren't wearing a mask properly or not wearing one at all, or refusing to get the vaccine, I am more patient with them since I am less likely to catch it from them.

Kate said...

We all felt much better after getting vaccinated. Sorry work still has things stirred up and not allowing you to focus. You've got some fun knitting starts. Enjoy all the stitching time you can work in.