12 July 2021

15 Minute Challenge and No Good News on the work front

 Got what can only be described as shitty news today on the work front, the 3 months of taking on the big interestate clients  has been extended indefinitely which isn't the news either my boss and I wanted to hear.  When he was told by head office he said he didn't know how he was going to tell firstly firstly and secondly his wife as he had promised her he would be able to have some time off soon.  

Don't forget only a couple more days for free Quilt Quilt Pattern 3.  I haven't started 4 yet so that is on the back burner for a bit considering the above news.  

I've had a couple of finishes on the weekend.  I put together 2 Blackbird Design cross stitches one is the  drum I have been working on for the last couple of months and the other is the Christmas pincushion which was just waiting on me finishing the drum pincushion to be able to put it together as they were both on the same piece of linen.  They look so pretty.   I was truly sadden by the news of Barbara Allen's death on the 4th of July I have loved Blackbird Designs from my earliest quilting days.  

I have started on Dream Frida which is a Barbara Ana Design,  I did a cosmo substitute for the threads but I am contemplating unpicking most of the face because it is way to dark looking at the birdy up above I think that would have been a better colour choice for the darker sections of the face.  Oh well looks like I will be unpick tonight or I might just start again.  I plan to do 2 of the Barbara Anna Dreaming girls and make them into a rice bag.    

Hopefully you had a better week than me (though I did get my 15 minutes in everyday). Head to Kates to see how everyone is fitting in 15 minutes.  


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Kate said...

Sorry for the bad news on the work front. Is there nothing your boss can do? Seems really unfair that he can't "share" this extra work. At least you've been able to get some good stitching time in this week. Hope things get better soon, but that doesn't sound too likely at the moment.