13 September 2021

15 Minute Challenge, Kids get Vaccinated some Quilting, Cross Stitch and Knitting was done too

The kids had the first Vac this week, Maestro took himself and I took Mo which ended up being a good thing as she fainted while doing the 15 minute wait.  Can't fault the facilities response at the Government Clinic, nurses ran from everywhere and she was taken off on a stretcher for observation.  Turned out to be one of those flight or fight responses nothing really to worry about but we will need to tell them the next time and they will administer while she is lying down.  She recovered pretty quickly and returned to normal colour after about 1/2 an hour, she just felt a bit embarrassed, but apparently she wasn't the first one to faint that day and they assured her she would be the last.  

Another couple of weeks and they will be done and I will breath a sigh of relief. 

Work is still a bit busy not over whelming I'm hoping I won't have to work extra for much longer, they are interviewing possible candidates interstate and have put on an extra admin so fingers crossed it work load might be resolved soon.  Hubby is set to retire at the end of the year and he is counting the weeks and trying to work out how he can work part time up until D day.  

Finished the quilting the centre of Quick Quilt 4, hopefully I can get the border and binding done this week.  

I took the plunge and bought myself a yard swift on the weekend, and got all my skeins of hand dyed yarn made into yarn cakes.  I couldn't resist and started knitting one up yesterday, the yarn is super soft and yummy can't wait to get the socks finished, these are for me.  Will get back to the 2nd sock of Mo's pair tonight, I'm up to the heel.  

Just about finished the frame on the Cryptid Cross stitch, the bottom didn't quite match (1 row out)but I should be able to fudge it without unpicking too much so I am not stressing over it too much.  Got some gorgeous linen (apple green) for another cross stitch but I'm waiting on some threads to start that but its edged and ready to go when the threads arrived.  Yes I know I might need to sprout some more hands but I am having fun and not getting bored.


How'd your 15 minute challenge go this week.  Check in with Kate to see how everyone is doing.  

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Kate said...

It is a huge relief when the kids are vaccinated. The SIT was able to get her's before we were able to get ours. Some people at work have had their younger kids catch it at school, there have been some break through infections, but no one has gotten too ill with it.

Glad you can see an end in site for the extra work load. Hope you have lots of stitching time this weekend.