01 November 2021

15 Minute Challenge & Quick Quilt 5 Link Fixed

Looks like there was a problem with the link to Quick Quilt 5.  The links all fixed and should be able to download the pattern. I leave it up till the end of November so you have plenty of time to download it.  

 It was a 7 out of 7 week.  There was more progress on the Cryptidsal and there was even a little bit of sock knitting.  

I have used aurifil thread for quite a few years but it is getting quite pricey and I would prefer to buy it by the cone which is usually a special order so I haven't bothered.  Last year I decided to try Wonderfil Konfetti which I like, its not quite as fine as aurifil and doesn't have the colour range but that's ok I tend to stick to a couple of colours anyhow.  The only problem is availability, the one shop in Adelaide where I found it only had one reel of black.   Desperate I did a search online and it turns out you can order from Wonderfil Australia direct and you can get cones from them.  So last weekend I ordered a cone of black of the Konfetti and a cone of Decobob to try and it arrived by Friday which is superfast at the moment.   

Decobob is a polyester thread that acts like a cotton, is superfine, I'm just using it in the bobbin and it seems to go forever.  There was no need  to adjust the tension it just is perfect working with Konfetti in the top.  I quilted for an hour or so yesterday and there was no thread breakages which is amazing.  

I'll probably go and do some more this afternoon.  I will have heaps of thread left over to quilt Springtime Romance which is going to be my summer project.  In fact I'm hoping to keep the Juki set up in quilting position for the next few months.  

Head to Kate's to seek how everyone is going.  

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Kate said...

Cryptidsal is coming along beautifully. That's a sitching to get that far. Good luck with all your quilting plans this week. Enjoy the summer weather. We finally had to turn the heat on last night when we got home from work.