22 November 2021

15 Minute Challenge Few Finishes

I finished all my Yarn Project Bags and have them up on my etsy shop.  Don't know how they will go but they are up.  

We've had an expensive week at the orthodontist, Mo's gold wire got detached from the back of her teeth, it has never been all the well attached and has always caused her grief. I really hate the guy we go to, he just seems to think everyone is an open bank account.  He shoved a referral for an x-ray at me last week for her to have wisdom teeth X-rayed and today had expected me to have had it done.  I wanted to wait and see my normal dentist because I really would rather be seeing someone else and get a 2nd opinion.   I really don't want to put her through dental surgery if I don't have to.  

Mo has officially finished her first year at Uni just waiting for the results.  

DH signed on the retirement dotted line and finishes in 6 days.  

There was more cross stitch progress and a bit of sock progress as well.  A good
7 out of 7 week.  

I'm also having a sale on all my digital patterns 50% off.  

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Kate said...

Those project bags turned out beautifully. I hope that you've been able to see all of them this week. It is time for holiday shopping. Sounds like Mo has had it rough, I really hate going to the dentist. She is probably old enough for her wisdom teeth to come out. The SIT had to have hers out at 16, they were crowding her other teeth. Congrats to Your Guy on his retirement. That option is starting to look much more attrative.