15 November 2021

15 Minute Challenge a finish and a few starts

Made some decision this week about my tiny business and cancelled my pattern site (which is the personal website side of my etsy shop) most months I just don't make enough money to cover the cost and with DH retiring in a couple of weeks really couldn't justify it any more.  

It was a 6 out of 7 week for me (I think) can't really remember, there was one night where I didn't feel like stitching but I may have picked up my cross stitch I'm not really sure so I have counted as a no day.

I did however get lots done over the week. Quick Quilt 5 is all finished.  I will post it in my etsy shop at the end of the month.  I will also let the next quilt pattern available which is a pattern that is already published and is made up of the final block, it is a Christmas quilt so I thought it a good idea to put it up just before Christmas because we all have plenty of sewing time at this time of year.

The yarn project bags are steaming ahead but I had a bit of a setback with the grommets I ordered.  Not sure I'm happy with them but I just might need some practice in setting them.  Will add a few more to my practice bag to see if I can make it perfect before I discount the idea.  Finished a prototype which I am happy with on the weekend (minus grommet). Now I just have to remember how I put it together, probably should have taken better notes.  

Backs and fronts are done now for 6 bags which I hope to post up on the Etsy shop by the weekend.  

Bit more progress on my cross stitches, I don't know how the women on the Cryptid Sal get them all finished they are no sooner up and the critters are done 3 and a half behind.   

1 Finished sock better getting casting on the other one.

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