02 December 2017

Annual Girls Xmas Dinner

Last night was the annual xmas dinner with the girls.  We came together through quilting about 22 years ago and we still meet up pretty regularly throughout the year (we try for every 3 weeks dinner but it doesn't always happen) sometimes to sew other times just to have dinner and a brain dump.

Xmas dinner was a bit early this year, but we had a lovely time a 3 hours went too quickly.  Gifts are always exchanged at Xmas and Birthdays, always thoughtful and often involving food of the chocolate variety.

It is also my Wedding Anniversary today which is the reason why I know that it is nearly 22 years because we met just after I got married for a Beginners Quilting Class.  We aren't doing anything to celebrate this year, I thought of organising something last week and went to book a night away only to find on 5 room available in the whole of Adelaide all $500+ and 1 for $89 that looked like it had a 5 cockroach rating.  I then twigged the Ashes are on in Adelaide so those plans went out the window. So I settled on "Happy Anniversary" and the reply was "Is it really?".  We both forget more than we remember.  At least neither of us gets offended by it.

I'm planning some sewing things to do during the holidays and I am thinking of designing some inappropriate Embroidery patterns.  Apparently Judy Dench stitches these on movie sets in her spare time and there have seen some links to some on Etsy in one of my reading groups of naughty cross stitches.   I think I am going to trawl my Pinterest folders for some inappropriate saying and hide them in something pretty like Satin Stitch and flowers I might have to set up an 18+ folder in my etsy shop.  Don't Be Afraid to be Inappropriate might be my motto for turning 50 next year.

I'm also looking for inspiration for the last 3 appliqué rows for my row by row quilt which I think will be another summer project.

Coco loves tinsel every year she rolls around in it while we try and decorate for Xmas.  

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Kate said...

Happy belated Anniversary! How fun to meet up with your friends for dinner. Hope the holiday prep is going well.