19 December 2017

Melbourne Trip and a finished design

On Friday I headed to Melbourne for my work Xmas Lunch.  It was another big one, the food was great,  though walking around looking for a place not overcrowded to have drinks after lunch wasn't all that fun.  We managed to score a table in a pub with the stragglers that were left in the late afternoon to get comfortable for a couple of hours to end the day.  I was back in my hotel fairly early and enjoyed a comfy bed a quiet evening with a book.  I managed a sleep in in the morning before heading to airport for my trip home.  

Mo has been working quite a bit in the lead up to Xmas and we have spent quite a bit of time going to and fro from the local shopping centre.  As a result all the Xmas shopping is done apart from food shopping for Xmas day, as it is easy enough to go a bit earlier to and get a few things done when going to pick her up.

I had my first hiccup with EQ8 yesterday when I opened to find my row by row file corrupted.  Luckily most of the blocks were salvageable it was just the block that I had finished last week that needed to be recreated.  While I was on a roll I finished the final row in the quilt.  All ready to get stitching over the holiday period.  I think I will plan to start the Row of the Month in June anything earlier than that will be a bonus.

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Kate said...

Sounds like you've got the holiday stuff under control. Love the row by row project. It's going to be gorgeous!