13 November 2012

15 Minute Challenge

No more weekend classes but I did get motivated to finish one of my deadlines so that I could get on with the projects that were started in classes last week.

Here is a sneak peak of my December Project.  It is all stitched up and a good way through the pattern writing.

I have been working on another project that I hope to get finished soon here's another sneak peak.

The week went like this

Wednesday: Wendy Williams class so lots and lots of stitching
Thursday: embroidery
Friday: embroidery
Saturday: putting December Project together
Sunday: more putting December Project together and finishing it
Monday: paper piecing
Tuesday: more paper piecing

Today has been one of $#@!!:( days where a 9.30 drs appointment turned into an all day event and cost and arm and a leg but thankfully ended up with good news and an all clear.  I am still a week behind on the ironing and 2 weeks behind on just about all the other housework but guess what it can wait.

Head on over to Kate's to see who has met the challenge this week.   You might also like to check out Kathy's blog posts on her trip to Adelaide.  I believe there is a photo of me concentrating intently over colour choice.


thea said...

another good week. your work is really beautiful. thanks for showing it, even in sneak peeks.

Shay said...

Im glad everything turned out OK at the doctor)even if it did take all day )

I dont think Ive seen anyone do 7/7 for a while either so you are a legend !

Kate said...

Love your sneak peaks. You managed to get a lot done on the stitching even if everything else is behind. If it makes you feel any better, I'm right there with you on being behind.

Glad that it was all clear at the doctor's.

libbyquilter said...

your december project sneak peek is lovely and seven out of seven days is excellent~!