11 February 2019

15 Minute Challenge and Lots of Physio

Its my birthday tomorrow, there have been lots of just because its my birthday purchases.  Got a pack of fat 16th's the other day at the quiltshop.  I have a 20% voucher and I am eyeing off a kit at Amitie and bought Susan Smith's new book which is a Quiltmania book.  I am doing a class with her in a couple of weeks.  

I managed to fit in 6/7 this week and I did go to sewing class on Thursday so that kinda made up for not sewing the day before.  

I feel like I was really busy last week, did manage to fit in 3 Physio appointments which was why I felt busy.  2 appointments were for my elbow and one to see if they could fix my vertigo.  Happy to say that the Physio pretty much fixed the vertigo, though I was a bit whosey this morning, may need 1 more to get it completely settled.

Although I was pretty much fixed straight away I had to be careful not to move my neck all day and I slept prompted  up in bed... which made for a very bad's night sleep.  

As you can see the blocks are all finished for Pretty Circle Game, I was going to have a bit of a play with placement on weekend but it didn't happen.  

Below is the first Florence block.  Not quite finished but you can get the look of the block

If you want to see who else is doing the challenge or want to join in head over to Kate's blog.  

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Kate said...

Hope the vertigo is completely gone now. You did well finding time to stitch with all that's been going on. Hope this week is just as good or better.