19 February 2019

15 Minute Challenge

Well this week I made the challenge 6 days out of 7 which seems to be my average.  I wasn't as productive this week and didn't sew much on the weekend as we had to go out microwave shopping as ours died.  I don't use it to cook in just usually for defrosting and heating milk for coffee for DH.  Decided to go for one with a grill which so far has been pretty good.

Back to the sewing.  Last week Green Tea and Sweet Tea BOM arrived and I decided to get right into the first 2 blocks.  They were pretty easy so took no time to stitch.  Future months are probably going to be more adventurous but this is going to be another fun hand pieced adventure and the colours are more out there than the Pretty Circle Game.

Last night I started stitching together the blocks for Pretty Circle Game I didn't get far but its a start.  By next week it might be nearly together.

I also made a batch of pickled onions.  It was the first time I'd seen good quality pickling onions in the grocers so I went for it.  Still can't get the stink of onion out of my hands, but I won't mind in a couple of weeks when they are ready for eating.  


Kate said...

Pickled onions? That's something I've never tried. Congrats on working in all the stitching time last week. Enjoy your hand stitching this week.

chrisknits said...

What a cute flower block! I find I use rubber gloves more in my kitchen now after having helped a friend in the catering business. Especially when handling meat.

Shasta Matova said...

I've never seen a microwave with a grill. Sounds interesting. That flower block is so cute, and I especially like the newspaper fabric.