11 July 2022

15 Minute Challenge and Reflecting

This week in my facebook memories a couple of entries came up about times we had struggled with Mo.  They were from 9 years ago, at a time when she was having issues with her back.  Now in hindsight we know that the back issues were a result of her OCD which wasn't diagnosed until she was 14 and was very under weight due to her need to control. 9 years ago she had a number of rituals that she would repeat, one of them was stretching and rubbing her back, so much so she left a mark/bruise and she was having back spasms.  The memories shared that she was doing swimming and she was going to physio a lot and there was quite a number of bad days.

When she was diagnosed things all fell into place about all the rituals she had done over the years, there were lots and they changed over over time, some were quite funny to watch others not so much.   Thankfully I have all but forgotten all the struggles we had.   She can still be very controlling when she is stressed about time, about food, about things being perfect but we don't notice the rituals any more, she probably still has them she just has learnt to hide them better. 

Nimue is all dry now, it took nearly a week and on the weekend I wove all the ends in.  This is the last time I'll show a picture of it I promise.  I've entered it in the Royal Show this year.  I'm pulling springtime romance, I'm not happy with the quiltings but will continue to quilt it and get it all finished and bound.  

I have started a sofa runner and am finishing up a shawl that I started when Mo had her wisdom teeth out.  It is going to be lovely and warm with any luck it will be finished this week.  

I only managed a little bit of cross stitch this week not anything worth showing, but I need to get going on that as well.  

With any luck Kate will be back.  

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