18 July 2022

15 Minute Challenge a couple of new starts

 I finished the shawl I have been working on but I haven't blocked it yet, should of done it on the weekend but it was pretty cold and wet so it wouldn't have dried.  I did start another shawl the first few rows were a bit complicated and the instructions are in US terms so I have to really think about it and there was lots of unpicking.  

The sofa runner is coming along nicely, now that the pattern has developed its pretty easy to keep track of and will be a reasonably quick project to crochet.  

I have done some more quilting on Springtime Romance, hoping that it may still be worth entering in show, but will have to see if I'm happy with the finished quilting.  

Mo is doing a 2 week intensive at Uni with a Claymation Studio.  Here is her character, it looks pretty spectacular, I had to drop her at Uni today as we didn't think it would survive the trip on the train.  She is painting it now.  She initially wanted to make the clothes from fabric but I think the modelling clay gave her a lot more versatility and it was a medium she was more comfortable with.

Thats it for me well and truly keeping up with 15 minutes each day.  

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