25 July 2022

15 Minute Challenge

 More crochet this week.  The shawl I'm working on is getting easier and I've made progress.  I am using Scheepjes whirl and the colour changes are quite subtle.  It has started a magenta red and is gradually changing to pink.  I love the fact that the colour changes can be hidden in the stitches without the need to start and finish.  The end of the ball is purple should look quite spectacular when it is done.  

The sofa runner is moving along.  I have a couple more blues to go and then it is heading to yellow, the ends I don't have to do for the shawl and made up for in runner as there are ends to weave in at every row.  

Quilting continues on Springtime Romance, I did too much on Saturday and suffered Saturday night, one day I will learn to make smaller quilts that are easier to move under the machine.  Hopefully next weekend I can start on the big borders.

I started a small cross stitch project but didn't get very far it will be a drum, just felt like doing something new, you know how it is.  

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