13 December 2022

15 Minute Challenge and I'm over house hunting but it continues

In the last 2 weeks I have been to Melbourne, put an offer in on a house, got the house then when the building inspection report came in cooled off on the house, put 3 more offers on houses, viewed about 8 houses, looked at new offices for work and worked way to many hours so that I could go on leave without too much guilt.  

My crafting time has sadly taken a bit of a dive but hopefully being on holidays means that can change.  

Mo is finished uni well and truly for the year, it's been pretty hard on her and her OCD is playing up and she has asked to see a councillor to get it back under control.  She had her first session while I was in Melbourne and will go again this week.  She also did her first market which was at the Uni and she did really well, recouping all her costs and making a nice profit.  Her and her boyfriend manned her little booth and they were pretty happy when we turned up to pick them up, though they said that next time they will bring chairs because 3 hours standing was too much.  

My local quilt shop is closing at Christmas for good so I have just been and done some shopping, not that I have been doing much quilting lately but I think I would like to do some stitchery and appliqué when I have had enough crochet.  Mo needs some help making her boyfriends Christmas present which we have left to the last minute, though she is busy painting her bedroom at the moment so it might be a couple of days before we can make a start.  

I'll leave you with my crochet, I have finished one more octagon but it has taken 2 weeks and lots of frogging as I started looking at the colours for the next pattern half way through.  

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Kate said...

The weeks leading up the holiday vacation are always so hectic. Though that's not been a problem for me this year. Hope Mo's therapy works quickly. How cool that she recouped her costs for her artwork. Enjoy your holiday time and hopefully you can get back to stitching and yarn work soon.