19 December 2022

15 Minute Challenge - slow down for rest of the year

Although my boss has managed to ring/text every working day since I have been on holiday it has been ok and I think I have finished everything he needs me to do today.  Turns out he picked up Covid again probably from his interstate trip last week, so I told him it was great that I was on holidays.  

DH and I hit the shops this morning for some last minute gift buying for the kids as there is nothing under the tree.  Mo wanted her room redone and we did that last week with some pale pink paint for a feature wall and sheer pink curtains.  It turned out very pretty.  Maestro only really wants stuff for his new house and we have to store it all, but we ended up purchasing a couple of frypan for him which seemed like a good deal 2 for 1 and we can take them back if they aren't any good according the chief. I wanted to get him a saucepan set but DH didn't think it was a good idea in case they weren't what he was after.  

I started a new crochet project, Mo wanted a throw for her bed and I had been eyeing a tartan look throw in one of the my books.  I had some 10ply yarn in suitable colours from a kit that went nowhere just needed a couple more to add so we went to the local yarn store and came away with some more and I made a start.  With any luck it will be finished in time for her birthday.  

That's it for me we have a house to look at tonight, fingers cross it measures up to the picture, I've come to the conclusion photoshop should be banned from all realestate offices.

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Kate said...

Oh yes, the last minute stuff that comes from the office during the holiday. My Guy has had some of that already too. Love the colors in your new project, that should be gorgeous when it's all finished. Enjoy your time off. Have a very happy holiday!