29 November 2022

15 Minute Challenge and Maybe some better news on the house hunting

We put in an offer on a property last week, but the agent wanted to have an opening so it wasn't presented to the vendor.  We have done some more paperwork today so fingers crossed our offer is better than the other people and we can get off this merry go round but I'm not holding out much hope.  

This week the properties were better, the last few weeks have been pretty depressing with what is on offer basically old with all their issues covered with a lick of paint and asking for top dollar.

I am a bit late this week.  Spent the most of my working day yesterday looking at new offices and walking around the city I then had to do some more work when I got home.    We found some serviced offices that we like, they have a space available now but I'm not sure if our people in Melbourne will move in time as our lease doesn't run out till June.  

This week I've managed to do some crocheting most days (I think).  I managed to finish another  octagon and a square.  Tonight I'll join them together.   I managed nearly finish the octagon and then realised that I'd skipped the colour to a different block half way through.  It looked pretty but it repeated the colours from the centre so I decided to unpick it and start again.  

Well that's it for me.  I'm off to Melbourne for Christmas lunch at the end of the week, staying 2 days so will be a good rest from house hunting.  Head to Kates.  

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Kate said...

Fingers crossed on the house offer. Hopefully that works out and you'll be done. I love your octagons, that's such a colorful and fun project. Have a good week.