07 November 2022

15 Minute Challenge No House Yet

We made an offer on the house we were looking at this week but we weren't the only ones so I don't think we will get. The agent was saying she was expecting a price way out of our budget so I don't know if our low offer will make the grade.  We found out an issue with the property so it may be better that we don't get it.  So we are probably back to the drawing board.  

Bit slow on the crochet this week.  Got 4 motives joined together and a few more rows on mosaic.  I did work out that I don't need to sew in all the ends in the mosaic as the border folds over and encloses them all so that is a bonus.  

I have been sewing in the ends on Persian Tiles Blanket as I complete each row in the motive so that won't be an issue at the end.  
That's it from me this week.  Head to Kate's to check out what everyone is up to.  

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Kate said...

Sorry about the house, fingers crossed that it all works out. Your yarn projects are moving along. I really like those Persian Tiles, so colorful!