04 August 2007

Home and almost recovered

What a fantastic weekend, great food, great fun, lots of sewing and no littlies to interupt (though I did miss them just a bit). Sewed well into the night each night over a few drinks. The only problem was my neck ceased up after the second night and I have spent most of this week getting it fixed. At least today I can turn my head again so I will be able to get on with the 3 projects.

Above are Carmel and Sue in our "extra large" cabin.

Leanne signing my copy of her latest book. Have a look at how big the shop is and the usual workroom is another large room behind us. Great facilities and the whole weekend was so well organised. Can't wait to get back next year.
I got out all my Making Memories signed blocks today and had a quick flip through them. Will have to do some stitcheries and then get the whole thing put together so that is 4 projects to finish. Gail so kindly posted my picture on her blog, I was hoping she lost that one. It was really great to meet Leanne, Gail, Viv and of course Tricia from Almond Grove Crafts and her family who made it all possible.

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Julie (Paddymummy) said...

found your blog site from Gails...didnt we have so much fun...I have just got the put the binding on my basket and line my bag then 2 out of 3 will be finished..the dates for next year have been set for next year so I cant wait...back to work at Spottie land tomorrow...how lovely it would be to have another week off...Julie