16 August 2007

No 2 Finished

I finished the bag yesterday from the Road Trip, it is just the right size to take to quilting group, I added a bit to the size of the pattern. Once all the hand stitching was done it was really quick to put together, love the handles. It is a bit different from the original but these colours are more me..
I have been spending a bit of time searching the internet for Glass Beads at a good price for one of Viv Robinson's projects which was a table cloth which she brought with her to Loxton. It featured 500 faceted glass beads instead of french knots and it was absolutely stunning. Well I sourced them and at excellent price and quite a few friends have joined in and so this morning placed an order for 3000 beads. Just hope they bag them in 500 lots don't think I really want to separate 3000 beads.


Gail said...

Hi Amanda, very nice bags, well done, it is so nice to see in such different colours.

Julie (Paddymummy) said...

love your bag Amanda...just pressing mine then to top stitch the top...wish I didnt have to work today...Julie

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda love the bag. If the beads come in one bag of 3000. Weigh them, divide by how many you need and weigh the individual amount, bag and distribute!! (ie 1 kilo of 3000 beads between 5 girls means 200 grams beads each!!)

Leanne said...

Hi Amanda,
Good to see your getting your homework done. Love the bag and the keepsake lid.