28 August 2007

I'm a Little Sad the Harry Potter Has ended

I finished reading the final installment of Harry Potter yesterday afternoon. Which was a good thing because my husband was about to toss it out because I spent every waking moment with it over the weekend. I must say I really enjoyed it but I am sad that it is finished and you get the tantalising bit at the end when they are all grown up and all you want to do is know more (well I do anyway).

Now I had better go back to doing some sewing I think. I saw the new blackbird range this morning at the Fat Quarter Shop, might have to get a bit of it, I really love there cross stitch pieces, great for background for applique. The range is called Madiera and they have a block of the month also which is very tempting.

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Julie (Paddymummy) said...

naughty naughty Miss Amanda...more fabric?....Julie