14 March 2010

New Toy

I mentioned last week my yearning for a new gadget.  Last week I decided to get it, and I must say that it was far superior drawing with a pen than a mouse. I can't say that I have completely mastered the art but we are getting there.  I have also ordered another book from eq about drawing applique designs, which should bridge the learning curve to my satisfaction.  Like how do you draw stems so they are not a single line? and How to refine the snap too grid.  Must say I am happy with my first attempt.  Was going to make this a medallion quilt and I made a really cool vine tulip border to go with it.  But during the night I thought of other ways to put this quilt together.. think I am going to go for a pieced background and a custom set so that there will be lots of different sized blocks with this as the centre piece or maybe not the centre piece maybe an off centre piece.   OOOh the possibilities.


Leanne said...

Ooooh I do like it.

Karen said...

Veeerrry nice!

Anonymous said...

To draw a stem which isn't a straight line use the Brush Strokes tool .....page 242 of the EQ6 manual.
I had to look it up as I haven't played with the tool enough to explain how to use it, but it is good fun I did use it a long time ago to write my own ABC to applique.
Judy B

Sue said...

Pretty cute drawing!! Very noice!! Good luck in turning it into a Seabreeze original ... look forward to seeing it evolve. Cheers S