13 August 2011

Jane Eyre - Can't Decide

I think I enjoyed it but it kind of left me wishing for more.  I know this story inside out and back to front.  They kind of glossed over bits and skipped things entirely, I realise that there is only so much you can fit into 2 hours but they did repeat the scene on the moor again halfway through the film which is how it opened, when I would much rather have had a bit longer finale to it... you know the happily ever after bit, it just sort of stopped at a hug and the credits came up.  I'll probably get the DVD when it comes out, but I think I prefer the longer BBC production.


Marg said...

Hmmmmm, thanks for that. I think I might still go anyway....maybe?

Shay said...

I'll still go because it looks wonderful and I haven't read the book (dont hate me )so I have no idea what to expect.