12 January 2012

15 minute challenge

Ok I know I am a bit late for the challenge update but I didn't want to show you more of my cross stitch until its all finished.  It is a bit brighter today for photo's.

The 15 minutes has been interrupted by a minor surgical procedure and date night with hubby, last one we had was when the Sherlock Homes Movie ... was it last year,  came out the last time on Tuesday we went to the latest one. It was pretty cool and over the top but we enjoyed it.

I probably have still averaged more than 15 minutes a day  mainly on the cross stitch it is great to do in front of the TV at night especially the crappy TV that we have at the moment.  I have been collecting more cross stitch patterns and the final Loose Feathers instalment has hit our shores so I have ordered that and the fabric to do the pattern which should come in the next day or so.

 Today I headed to Hetties to get the fabric and threads for my next cross stitch... which I will try not to start before I finish the panel I am working on.  It is Christmas Garden by Blackbird again and here are the threads I am going to use... really disappointed the Seasons doesn't come in Dark Red variegation but I am going to use 2 burgundies together to try and get a similar effect.  The other book is another Blackbird Cross Stitch book which I had put away for me and my mate Helen decided to give it to me as an early birthday present.  So I think I have enough to go on with for a while.

I'm also trying to get to a small quilt.... something keeps getting in the way though.  Probably Cross Stitch.     Here are the blocks it is Athill, I have to admit I am not overly attracted to it, it is very wishy washy for my taste but it is very popular in the shop so I will give it a go.  Watch for a new pattern soon.

This year I am going to try and do new things in craft and I have signed up for a Mix Media Kit of the month from Blue Bazaar  (got to say the pink bag was the clincher) and Helen and I are planning to get together once a month to play.  

Lastly do you like the nails.  This is the latest thing.  The polish has metallic elements in it and once its painted on the technician holds a special magnet close to the nail and the stripes appear.  This was the only colour she could get at the moment.

Head on over to Kate's for more 15 minutes challengers.


Cardygirl said...

Love the croSs stitch...we all just need some more time! The blocks are sft and very pretty. Love the nails.

libbyquilter said...

hello, i'm popping around to the 15 minute challenge blocks to meet all the other players. i hope to have my own "report card" up next tuesday on my blog but until then thought i'd see what the others were up to.

i love to cross stiich but don't make time to do it very often.
the pastel blocks you have pictured are very pretty. spring softly beckoning happening there~!!~


Leanne said...

You have been busy. Date night hey!

Shay said...

Love the nails .

Where are you fitting in time for all this other crafty loveliness. I feel decidedly slack next to you!

Anonymous said...
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