30 January 2012

Birthday Extravaganza

I'm glad to be going to work today... for a rest.  The 9th birthday party is over.

We have avoided pool parties at home (or having too many kids at one time) it is just too much responsibility.  Our kids have had at least 5 years of swimming lessons so we know they can swim but you never know about other peoples kids.  But squid just wanted a pool party at home with a sleepover and at a weak moment I agreed.  I was trying to talk her into having one at the new Aquatic Centre (which as it turned out would have been less expensive and less tiring) but no she wanted it at home.

The weather was just about perfect and the kids all had a great time and they even slept a bit thanks to swimming,  the slippery slide on the front lawn, a few party games rounded off with a video.

I don't think we will be doing the home party again for a while at least the adults just aren't up to it.


Kris said...

It gets better. My Lily turned 15 on Friday and she had a sleepover. No pool here, they just played and slept and ate. By themselves. And they were pretty quiet too. Easiest party ever.

Shay said...

Home parties ARE exhausting and I noticed they are heaps more expensive than going somewhere.I think we did one party at home then one out of home for years until Miss P was a teen.

Sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves (even if it will take you a week to get over it !)

Leanne said...

Wait until she is 18 LOL

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to Lily. DT had two pool parties at the local rec center. Best investment we ever made. We had one party that house when she was 4. I swore never again!

Kate said...

Whoops, I meant Squid, not Lily. It's obviously past my bed time. Looks liek Squid had a wonderful time.