26 January 2012

Where has the week gone

Its the last week of the holidays and the kids have been trying to fit as much as they can into the week weather permitting.  It has been hot very hot.

One the really hot one we headed to the movies to see Journey2 Mysterious Island which everyone really enjoyed.  The shopping centre where the theatre is is really cool so it was the perfect place to be on a hot day and while away a couple of hours.

Last night we went fishing, it was going to be Monday night, but I had come home from work with a migraine and although it was pretty much over it was 39 degrees during the day and it hadn't really cooled down so we put it off.  Last night the wind was incredibly strong and the sea was pretty choppy but there weren't a lot of people down the beach and we had no problem getting a park.  And I knew the kids wouldn't last too long an hour max.

We only took 2 rods (I usually take mine but I just wasn't feeling that enthused about the whole fishing thing).  We got a couple of nibbles, but the lack of fishers kind of indicated that it probably wasn't the best condition for fishing.  In the end the kids just practiced there casting techniques.  Squid got pretty good in the end, the maestro struggled because he was using my rod which is a bit longer than his.

I told them that when I got my first rod Grandpa made me practice casts in the back yard (we had quite a big one, so in the end I got quite good and then and only then did he take me fishing.

So no fish for tea, but the fishing thing is out of their systems till the next holidays.

I have been working on a quilt project during the week.  Here is the top. The raw edge appliqué is all finished and it is ready to be quilted.  I used traputo to make the words standout when it is quilted.  I have just about finished piecing the back.  I think it will be headed to my etsy shop which will probably mean I need to find storage for it lol.

I have been playing with Instagram the last few days.

I have a quiet house at the moment DH has taken the kids to the beach, I decided I didn't want to go I am all beached out at the moment and it is Australia Day and so it will be like a zoo down there.  I told him there were no parks at 8am this morning so why does he think he will get one now... but he has a couple of secret parks.  They will either be back really soon or be gone for hours.  I think I will go out to the sewing room and finish that back.


Lorraine said...

sounds like you have been busy! I am home with my feet up ....another Australia Day breakfast done and dusted.....no glitches ....so am pretty happy with that! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Leanne said...

Cute quilt. Tony worked today so I haven't done anything.

Rustic Tarts said...

Happy Australia Day! Hard to believe that the holidays are nearly over. I feel like I haven't done much with the boys and I always feel guilty about it but they never complain! Love your new quilt top.

Kate said...

Hope you had a wonderful Australia day and that you got some sewing time in.