02 November 2007

Girls Night In and would you believe Mumps

The Girls Night in was a great success and we raised $225 (this figure may go up because a few no shows and going to donate as well). I think we had about 15 ladies doing craft or just sitting chatting and reports are that everyone had a lovely night. So we will have some stuff to sell at the craft stall in a couple of weeks. I made mobile phone doodahs (that's a technical term) and I have sold a few already to the girls at the party so will have to make a few more. I probably would have been a bit more productive if I hadn't of had a couple of wines (which I don't usually drink) before most of the girls got there big mistake.

Had one of those weeks you know the ones you would rather forget and then my daughter started screaming at 8 am this morning that her ear was hurting. As fire engine was coming to playgroup and she really wanted to and it was what I thought just an earache I let her come but we had to leave to go to the Dr. who diagnosed her with the Mumps which she has been vaccinated for so hopefully it will only be a mild case but looking on the internet today she will not be going to kindy for the whole of next week. So a quick detour to playgroup to let them know the wonderful news, luckily she didn't eat fruit with them all or cough or sneeze on anyone she was too miserable to join in.

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