28 October 2007

My first attempt at Collage Art

I have been wanting to try to make collage pendants for a while. I have purchased a few but I thought that I could probably do it myself. I found Christina's Craft which is an online shop for scrapbooking and altered art here in Australia. They had all the bits a pieces, the glass and even some little frames so you don't have to get out the soldering iron, though I have also bought some copper and aluminium foil to do the soldering thing too down the track.

The picture I used is of my Mum. She was quite young at the time and there was a set of 4 and they were taken in a park somewhere. I found the photos when I was going through a heap of my Pop's things and I had put them away to use in something. Just like me, mum liked bright colours so I thought she would have appreciated the setting. I might do another one of these for my sister for Christmas, her's will have to be blue.

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