25 October 2007

Gathering of Friends

Never Never take a 4 year old to a craft fair even if you think it might be a good bonding experience. She was feeling a bit poorly and I thought that she would be ok she usually pretty good when we go shopping but she just didn't have the staying power. When I go to these things I like to take a stroll around work out where I am going to spend and then jump in. It was clear right from the begininning that this was wishful thinking on my part. So I ended up spending most of my money at Kirsty Campion's stall and didn't have much by the time I got to the Rustic Tarts. Did get one of Christina's Altered Pendants and one from Town and Country as well as some Christmas Tag's which I am going to use a Chrissy decorations and of course the Willow have been wanting one of these for a while now. Lydia said to me for the 100th time "Can we go now? But first I really want the princess" (the doll on the left hand side). How she spotted her I do not know from half way across the hall and she was burried behind a few other dolls but she pick her out and she was a bargain at $7.50 so she came home too. The Funky Monkey is for Lydia for Christmas.

I am hosting a Girl's Night In tomorrow evening, it is a Craft theme, luckily a few have pulled out so I feel less stressed than I was feeling at the begining of the week. Playgroup girls are going to put to work to make stuff for the Playgroup stall at the local church fete I really should be cooking at the moment but thought I needed a break. Here is the display I have put on the buffet to get the girl inspired (most of them are uncrafty so it will probably just intimidate them.

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