20 October 2007

Dr Who's No 1 Fan

It was my son's birthday the last week of the school holidays and as we were having the party at the Beach House we decided not to have the party in the school holidays when the place is just feral so it was today which was pretty hot in Adelaide so the place was packed anyway.

Daniel is a huge fan of Dr Who (obsessed would be the word) so we had to have a TARDIS cake, and appropriate invitations and lolly bags. Here is the results. I think the cake turned out pretty good, I must admit I did stress out about it a bit but Daniel thought it was fabulous so at least it past the test.
So we had eleven 7 year olds plus my 4 year old daughter. I am really glad we decided to pay the extra and have a hostess as she was great and always made sure we had all 12 kids in tow and made sure we padded out the 3 hours with the activities that were included. So my bank balance a lot lighter and my feet a tad tired I think it was a hit with the kids.
The only thing was I forgot my camera so I am really glad I took these photo's yesterday, because what is left of the cake aint pretty.

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