13 October 2007

Finished Quilting NOT

Here are my excuses: it is school holidays, my son turned 7 this week and I have been a bit under the weather. But I did manage to finish quilting the Nick of Time Quilt or NOT as the Sloanies are calling it.

Apart from the excitement of starting a project my favourite part of the quilting process is this. Yes it is trimming the batting away after the quilting. You see I hate putting on binding don't know why well yes I do it is probably because my quilts are usually huge and it take so long this stage takes about 2 minutes and the quilt looks crisp and clean with all the threads and frayed bits cut off I love it. Here is a close up of the quilting, probably should have done more quilting but didn't have a pink to match so will put the binding on and quilt the pink later when I can get to a quilt shop unshackled by kids.

I have used a polyester batting which I am trialling as my husband hates the weight of my quilts. I usually quilt a quilt to within an inch of its death so that also adds to the weight. It is a Matilda Batt called O So Soft and it is actually quilt nice to work with doesn't feel polyester at all , it drapes really nicely and it is nearly weightless so the complaining may stop if I put one of these on the bed.

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Anonymous said...

Amanda that quilt is beautiful!!! Great work...and the cake is unreal (my 8 y/o loves Dr Who too) Brennan had a Dr Who cake when he was 7 and in Tesco you can buy the cakes and it has a voice recorder says exterminate exterminate...drive you crazy after a while..lol