27 November 2007

Dogs Ears

I volunteered to help make costumes for my son's school concert. I also donated a heap of stuff from my sewing room which I was quite happy to get rid of. The kids are going to do a medley of dog songs so I have been making 22 sets of dogs ears and tails. I have had help with most of it but the ears are a bit difficult to attach to the headbands so they are pretty much left up to me and the Bernina. I broke 4 needles last night but ended up finishing all but the last 5 ears because I didn't think the last of my needles would cope with the fur fabric that make up the last few. Off to Spotlight this morning for more supplies and then fittings this afternoon. Hopefully for Thursday's sewing bee with the mums from school all we will have to sew on is some spots on t-shirts and it will all be over.

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