21 November 2013

all things christmassy

I just purchased my first Christmas decoration for the year.  I love little ornamental trees and I have them up all year round.  I just popped to the Chemist and there was this in their gift section so of course it had to come home with me, it is too cute for words.

I'm home today waiting for a guy to service the Aircon and Telstra again.  We now have a phone line but it is still crackly (it worked beautifully for 6 hours).  I rang my internet service provider and they can track the drop outs and there have 200 in the last 48 hours so I guess it wasn't the fix that Telstra thought it was… another bandaid solution … they seem to be good at those or not good however you like to look at it.

On Tuesday because there was hope of an internet fix I decided to join the 2013 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas by Christy Tomilnson.  There are 12 projects given via internet video,  I haven't managed to look at any apart from Welcome Videos but I think I am going to set up the iPad in the kitchen and get watching while I am cleaning up today.  Might even do some baking a bit later.  I have my mind to do one of the projects from the first days classes, something big a bold, might have to head to bunnings first for some supplies though.


Shay said...

I'd be going nuts by now. I sincerely hope Telstra are forwarding all your calls to your mobile free of charge!

Here's hoping you had some happy crafting time.

Kate said...

I haven't bought any decorations yet, but I did give in to my wrapping paper fetish and bought a few rolls. Hope they got both your phone and Internet all fixed up. Though since I don't see a new post, I'm doubting that happened.