29 November 2013

A Finish

The kids have 2 more weeks of school and I for one will be glad that the school year is finally over.  This school year has been a little stressful so I will be glad it is over.

Maestro will have his Graduation evening in just over a week and hopefully it will be uneventful.  All the kids had to write a Valedictory   Speech and all I can say is he needs to be a politician when he grows up because he can lie like one, because I know none of the sentiment that he expressed in that speech is anything like what he feels about the last year at Primary School.

He had his High School Induction day last week and he came out and said that that was the best day of school for the whole year.  He had a great time,  I know he is looking forward to a new chapter.  He was asked to go to the High School during the year for extended Maths so he wasn't nervous one bit and he had already decided which teacher he wanted and he was please to find out that he was in his class next year.

Last week I managed to watch most of the video's for the Christmas Ornaments.   Finding supplies though is proving a bit difficult and when I can get them they are expensive :( as they aren't available downunder… No Fake Snow and I can get Paperclay but it is really pricy especially when you add postage.  Haven't tried Spotlight yet but I hope to head there on the weekend for  few bits and pieces.

So that I can clear the decks in the sewing room and start painting, I finished this quilt.

I plan to have some more goodies of the painted variety to show you next week.  Fingers crossed.  


Shay said...

Im sure Maestro will have a ball at High School. Much more suited to his talents than this year at school.

Amanda your quilt is lovely! Reminds me that I have a pattern for something similar stashed away somewhere and should probably put it on my to do list for next year.

This year kind of sucked for me too- here's to a much better 2014 for both of us!

Kate said...

Very pretty quilt. Glad to see that you found some time to get back into the sewing room.

Drama Teen has enjoyed her first semester of high school. The first few weeks were a bit rough, but she's found a good group of friends, loves most of her classes and is generaly pleased with life (except for the homework load). Hopefully Maestro will find the same things next year.