03 December 2013

Renewing My Creative Soul

Can't tell you how much I have been enjoying sketching and painting this week.  This is my first attempt at one of the projects in the Twelve Artsy Ornaments of Christmas there are a few more that I want to try but getting some of the supplies as I have said has been a bit difficult.  Did a trip to Spotlight on the weekend and they had zilch of anything that I could use and what was there was pretty cheesy.

On the weekend I got an email from  Christy Tomlinson (the host of the Twelve Artsy Ornaments) advertising her sale.  A lot of her classes were half price so I enrolled in a couple.  The classes are with Junelle Jacobson and the picture here is of one of her projects.

I am just about ready to enrol in Life Book 2014 and that will be a year long course but it doesn't start until 1 January so I am feeding my Creative Soul with these short courses first.

We put up the tree on the weekend and I got all my ornie swaps out to decorate one of my wire trees.


Shay said...

So pleased to hear you've been spending some creative time and filling your soul.

I hate it when RL stops me from doing the things Im passionate about.

Your tree looks wonderful!

Kate said...

Hope you enjoy your classes. Feeding your creative soul is important, unfortunately as wives, moms, employees, it seems to come last.