24 August 2009

Applique Outside the Lines

I just got delivery of this book from Piece O' Cake. I really love Piece O'Cake Designs... Have I actually made one of their quilts... No.. But I probably have most of their books and have collected fabric for about 3 large quilts and even started one or two. The thing that doesn't sit with me is their overlay thingy I find it a bit too THINGY (too much reaching for perfection) and finicky for me. I thought this book might dispense with the overlay but it doesn't, I don't know why with a book on a more whimsical feel applique they haven't left that bit out. Having had my whine I love the book, the quilts are fabulous (I will just ignore the overlay bit). And there are about 3 quilts that I just have to make and the lovely backgrounds will be a great way to reduce my stash..

If I haven't put you off, click on the picture below and it will take you straight to the book in fishpond.
Applique Outside the Lines: With Piece O' Cake Designs

I just got an email to say that my Weather Photo is going to be in the Weather Calendar and I have an invite to go to the launch. So if you voted for me thank you.


Rustic Tarts said...

How excitement about the launch! will you get to meet lots of celebrities?
You made me laugh with your description of the quilts - good on you for having all the fabric to do 3 of the past quilts...lol
(PS and I did vote for you so it's good to know that it worked)

Leanne said...

You will have to take the family Barnes with you to the launch you know we are tragic Jane fans LOL. I am sure what ever you create will be fantastic.