09 June 2010

Nice Cup of Tea

Thought I would drop by why I waited for this to brew.  mmmm..... Lady Grey Tea the loose leaf is so much more exciting than the bags.... you get to see the citrus pieces and the flower petals.

Today promised to be very productive until I slept in and then the guy coming to quote for roller shutters was late and I didn't get one of the things I needed for Christmas in July projects so had to whizz down to LQS for supplies AGAIN.

I did finish sewing my secret squirrel project ready to send off.  Just have to have the pattern tested.

I did finalise a couple of things for Christmas in July projects so maybe tomorrow I can shut the door to my sewing room.  Plug in to IVIEW and watch a few ABC shows and sew sew sew.

I hear the tea is calling me.


Rustic Tarts said...

Nothing like a good cup of tea! I found the most delicious Chai tea in USA and have just used the last teabag - feeling a bit sad about it!

Sue said...

Tea smee ... give me a stong cup of coffee anyday ... or even a glass of wine!! :) Cheers S