18 November 2014

Mid Month Report - 15 Minute Challenge

Don't ask me what happened to the end of month report for October, the end of October was a real disaster as far as sewing goes.

Apart from the first Sunday of the month sewing with the girls November has only really picked up this last week.  I'm way behind on finishing another 4 Ornies so I can make up a pattern  with the new version for Patchwork by Sea, will be stitching again tonight to finish the final 2.   My only excuse is to much work for the end of October and to much running around for the first week in November.

The final 5 blocks of the Sampler are all cut ready to sew and I plan to do those this weekend.  Then I can start playing with the block settings.  

I've booked my machine in for a service next week as I want to have it in good working order before I start quilting my appliqué quilt and it is probably 2 years since it was last done there was a time when I had it serviced every year.

Think from now until well after Christmas I will have plenty of sewing on the go to help me keep to the challenge.  


Shay said...

I have a list about half a kilometre long of stuff I want to get done between now and the end of the year and frankly it isnt looking promising that Im going to get through it all...

Good Luck with your goals !!

Kate said...

This time of year is just so crazy. Add in work and it's just insane. Hope you are able to get the crazy stuff under control so you'll have time to play.