15 November 2014

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler Blocks 5 and 6

This month marks the half way point of the sampler.  Can't believe it, which means that I had better get on and make the last 5 blocks.   I have been really busy with none quilting activities like kids tennis and more work (day job) than I really need at the moment.  Thankfully that should slow down now and I can concentrate on the fun stuff.

The last couple of months I have chosen blocks that try and build on what you have learnt and then give a new technique that you may not be familiar with but because I was a bit later than I would have liked writing the pattern I decided to just choose a couple of the easier blocks for this month.  By easier I mean easier for me to explain not necessarily to sew.  A word of warning you will need to take care with block 6 as it requires you to sew triangles with a bias cut be careful  that you do not stretch the seam as you stitch if you can manage this the block will go together without a hitch.

I realised the other day that the quilt layout I had been showing on the blog was wrong as the quilt is 12 blocks not 16 so I have fixed that as well sorry for any confusion.  

I have had a couple of sales of block 1&2 so welcome to the recent participants and I hope you enjoy the quilt.  

Keep sending me photo's of your finished blocks and I will post them on the blog/instagram and Facebook for everyone to see.  

The link to purchase the instructions to this blocks are now on the Choccy Sampler Page.


Shay said...

Triangles are my bete noir. If you dont hear from me again I'll probably be found sobbing in a corner somewhere ...

Just kidding - I can do these . Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow. Im really enjoying learning new techniques and using fabrics I wouldnt normally use . Thankyou for running this little QAL Amanda- this is so much fun.

Pip said...

I'm behind as I still haven't made the other two blocks, hopefully after this weekend is over things will get back to normal and I will get some quiet time for stitching. Looking forward to making the blocks.

Kate said...

I don't mind the HSTs, I've finally learned how to manage them. Hopefully I'll be able start on these two blocks this weekend.