05 August 2019

15 Minute Challenge - Centre Finish Springtime Romance

This week was a big week on the sewing front.  I finished Block 4 of Springtime Romance see below and put the centre of the quilt together.  So it was a big 7 out of 7 for the 15 minutes but there were a couple of days where it was way more than 15.  

I've got to say that I am pretty happy with how it all looks sometimes you do something in EQ and you wonder if it will work in real life I think it did.  You can still get Block 2 for free in the previous post until 7/8/2019.

The script fabric I used for the hourglass blocks is has Jane Austen quotes from her various books.  Persuasion is my favourite Jane Austen book and I love seeing the quote from it in the quilt.  It is the part where Captain Wentworth declares himself still in love with Ann.  

I have a lot more work to do though, 7 patterns to write and the borders to design which I have pictured in my head I just have to get them into EQ without corrupting the files again and print them off successfully.  

Mo is putting her white charcoal drawing in the school exhibition she is also entering it in another external exhibition which is a huge step for her. For one of them there is prize money as well as a chance to sell the art itself.  She is wanting an ipad pro for drawing and the money will come in handy for the Japan trip which is fast approaching.  

How'd you go this week.  
Head to Kate's to see how everyone else went this week.


Kate said...

Springtime Romance turned out beautifully! The blocks are so pretty and the sashing really pops with the blocks. Austin's Persuasion is one of my favorite books, but I think Pride and Prejudice is my most favorite of her works. Fingers crossed that Mo's drawing does really well in both competitions. Hope you get lots more done this week.

threadlady said...

I had a hard time downloading the pattern for Block 2, but I finally was able to get them, The original links only went to “view” HTM File. If I downloaded the “view” and clicked on it, it did go to the proper file.

Also, In looking at what I had downloaded in July for Block 1, I find that I have “Block 1 Full size pattern”, but it has 0KB. I also have “Block 1 Full size pattern.pdf.2xjk61v”, a Partial Download of 7,618KB. It, of course, won’t open. Is there any chance you could send me the Pattern for Block 1? I do have the templates and the instructions, but not the pattern. All the downloads were dated July 1, between &:18 and 7:21 USA Eastern Daylight Savings time.

Loving is doing,
Judy Morin