12 August 2019

15 Minute Challenge and Lots of EQ this week

If I can count EQ as sewing I have another 7 out of 7 this week if not it will be 5/7.

The Eq chewed up quite a few hours this week.  I still get that polygon error every now and again (which according to their website is rare but I've had it 3 times this weekend so maybe not).  To make sure I don't lose anything I have been saving multiple copies of the project and making sure that I save the blocks to My Library each time I finish one so that I can import them into another project easily.  I can't put my finger on anything in particular that causes it but I think its always appliqué patterns that trigger it.

I've headed back to Green Tea and Sweet Beans BOM this last week.  The 2 blocks I am working on have about 10 templates and it has taken me all week to cut the block.  I will be stitching them this week and then hope to start on the borders for Springtime Romance on the weekend.

Mo has booked the Mum taxi all day Sunday as the Uni's have open days this weekend and she wants me to go to ask all the questions.  Her boyfriend wanted to go with her alone, but she says that is pointless because neither of them will ask anything and they have already done that tour, so that's why she is dragging me along.

Back to Springtime Romance here is the finished design.  I leaving that top border to do last, just looking at it makes me feel tired but I think its going to look wonderful in fabric.  I will probably tackle the sides first and I am probably going to have to get creative about the pattern download for my etsy shop, either have it in 2 parts or work out a way to cut down the size of the templates oh the joys of dealing with technology.

How did you go this week.  Head to Kate's to see how many of the group met the challenge.


Kate said...

It's a gorgeous pattern! Love the borders, but that is a lot of stitching. As far as counting days towards your 15 minutes, if I'm working out a design issue in EQ, I count that as stitching time. It's really up to you as to what you feel meets the criteria. Have a great week.

Christina said...

Springtime Romance is going to be gorgeous, when finished. I count anything within the process of quilting as my 15 minutes, which includes messing around in EQ. Thanks for sharing the plans for Springtime Romance. I can not wait to see if finished!