17 March 2020

15 Minute Challenge - Challenging Times

I started writing this yesterday then got distracted, Maestro was building a computer for someone and he needed help holding things after I spent most of the afternoon running around with him for one of his side projects (buying and selling limited addition sneakers... I'm thinking it will end in disaster)

It was back to a 7 out of 7 week this week, though I nearly didn't stitch one night but a quick mum taxi trip on Friday night meant I was wide awake and picked up the needle to do some stitching before heading to bed.

I was supposed to be doing a couple of training courses this week but they have been cancelled as the instructor was flying for interstate and their company has suspended domestic travel.   Mo's school still hasn't cancelled their Sydney trip but I get the feeling that it will happen soon.  
Mo's school  have now postponed the trip and also their time at the Jam Factory (creative hub for artist) as part of the Design Course she is doing.  At the moment schools have not been closed.

People are panic buying, I think I am just going to keep to my normal routine, shop on Thursdays as per usual and take get what I can.  I have been adding a couple of extra things in the shopping basket over the last few weeks so we should be fine in an emergency.  It was announced today that it isn't a supply problem it is a Distribution problem and if people just take a breath and not clear the shops out  of stock and shop normally there will not be a problem - Still the idiots don't listen.

Work is happy for me to work from home so even if I have to stay home it will be ok.  My whole company has been told to work from home for the foreseeable future.  My husband texted me today and he will be doing the same.  Maestro's had one shift cut this week I doubt he will be working much if at all in the next few weeks.

I am back to working on Green Tea and Sweet Beans.  I can't say the the blocks I have been working on have been that easy.  There was lots of unstitching in the flower blocks below but I finally got it together.  I have to make 2 more yuck.

So how is everyone doing.  Are you in lock down?  Stay safe.


DawnyK said...

eHUGS from around the planet. I always work from home, but it's such a disappointment to be missing Quilt Guild meetings and workshops. Hubby, me, and the dogs are all hanging out at home enjoying our quiet evenings and weekends together. Trying to also keep a more regular routine. Morning dog walks are greatly appreciated.

Kate said...

It's been a gradual move to full stop here too. Glad you've been able to get some stitching time in and get back to working on one of your older projects. We've been working from home for a week now. It's taken some getting used to. All the cancellations have hit the SIT pretty hard. All college classes one line and her internship for the summer got canceled. Hope things aren't much worse in your part of the world.