30 March 2020

15 Minute Challenge - The Changes they just keep on coming

I hope everyone is safe.  I've been stitching every day it has helped keep my head together.  Working from home has been made mandatory by my company and we had our first company briefing today via MS teams.

DH is still working in the city he said that there are not many people of the train so it is easy to keep distance from people.   We are waiting on the delivery of some more equipment for him to work from home.  I'm thinking I may need to move my desk once he does as he spends a lot of time on the phone so side by side desks may not be optimal.

New COVID-19 cases in our state are down so it looks like the changes we have all had to make over the last couple of weeks are starting to slow things down fingers crossed it keeps going that way.

Mo is coping very well with it all even though she is doing her final year of school.  Being an introvert staying home is very much her favourite place to be.  Maestro isn't coping quite so well, he is missing going out with friends, his weekly indoor soccer and going to work.  But he has started working out at home, getting on the treadmill and lifting some weights.

I have finished the final pattern for Springtime Romance (shhh it is in the previous post ready to download).

 I did some stitching outside, and I had a stitching partner on the swing chair.

Yesterday I escaped to my sewing room and finished another tin.  This one I topped with a pincushion.

I hope you are all coping with staying home it is a lot to get your head round but I think my sewing room is stocked with enough goodies to keep me going and most things are just a click away if I run out.

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Kate said...

Duel working couples does mean dueling video conferences/phone calls, dropped Internet, etc. We've finally worked it out that My Guy goes to the living room at the far west end of the house, the SIT takes her video conferences at the dining room in the middle and I move the master bedroom at the west end of the house. So far that's been working well. It's been an adjustment for all of us. Our cases are still increasing though it does look like the rate of new cases is falling, though we've not reached the peak yet. You've done well with getting in lots of stitching time. It seems that quilters fall into two camps, the ones that have been stitching more and the ones that have lost all quilty mojo. Hang in there, stay safe. Hopefully things will recover in just a few more weeks.