23 March 2020

15 Minute Challenge - More Strange/Sad Times

Well I did lots of sewing this week 7 out of 7.  Amazing how much extra time you have when there is no commute.  Mo is still at school as the government want's to keep schools open for as long as possible.  As she is in year 12 this is kinda important but I don't think it will go on for much longer.    Pub/Restaurants/Cafe/Gym & Other Indoor Sports complexes have been told to close as of midday today.  Maestro hours dried up overnight, Monday last week he was scheduled for a 35hour week, they cancelled one shift after another until he had nothing.  The government put the nail in the coffin yesterday ordering the above.  Let's hope some of the businesses can hold on over the next few months.

I did go into work today just to sort out some files and check the post.  It was a bit scary as the whole place was empty, I kept the main door locked and the boss called in to discuss how we'd make do over the next few weeks.  I was all for just staying home as I was a bit creeped out this morning but one of the other tenants came in and said that he would be dropping in an out every day so I decided that I would still do one day from the office until we are told not do do so.

I managed to do a normal shop this week though there 10 times as many people shopping when there is usually only a few on a Thursday morning.  I got all the essentials minus hand soap, but I ordered them online from Modere. I've given up on trying to get hand sanitiser, I have a couple of travel bottles that I just use when I am going out and when they go that will be it unless the idiots get a grip.

The first draft of Block 10 Putting it all Together for Springtime Romance is done.  I have just done a read through and I want to add some photo's but I should be able to finalise it by the weekend. Luckily I have a good copy of the templates as EQ8 isn't printing at the moment, its a font problem apparently but I thought I did the fix.  Might have to go back and investigate a bit more.

I've been working on Green Tea and Sweet Beans and am a bit more than halfway through Month 7.  The flower blocks weren't my favourite to stitch there is going to be a lot of fudge factor to get them to fit where they are supposed to I think so I am really glad they are over.  

The last class for a while was a lined tin class at the local quilt shop.  They have shut temporarily now but for online orders or by appointment.  The girls and I are pretty sure we can probably just shop our stash for a while, there are plenty of projects to be going on with.  But we are going to have to work out how to skype so we can have a virtual stitching time over the next few months in the mean time I'm in charge of memes to the group to lighten the mood.

I notice the challenge isn't up on Kate blog yet.  Really hoping everything is ok a lot has happened in a short amount of time.

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Kate said...

Sorry about no post last weekend. I just couldn't face the computer over the weekend, too much temptation to read the news, which just isn't good. Thankfully the company I work for sent us all home to work almost a full week before the city and state decided that we needed to social distance. The college girl is home and is having a hard time of it, though I think she's finally getting herself all lined out. Stay well.