03 March 2020

15 Minute Challenge a bit Late on everything

I was late posting my block and late posting for the challenge.  I haven't been busy just not aware of the date... well my job makes me very aware of the date but I just didn't join the dots this week.

I am much better than last week and out of my funk.  Had birthday dinner with the girls and went to sewing.  We are going to see Emma on Wednesday night.

It was another 6 out of 7 mainly because of dinner with the girls and it will probably end up being another one of those weeks this week.

Springtime Romance is nearly done one last small spray of flowers and the bottom border is complete.  I'm trying to get it finished by the weekend so I can add the border and maybe do some photo's and start on the pattern writing for the putting it together.

I have ordered batting and backing fabric so I can start quilting.

Here is a progress shot of the final border and I had started adding flower centres to the small flowers but weren't happy with them so they got unpicked.

So how did your week go.  

check out everyone's progress at Kate's 


Kate said...

Dinner with the girls sounds like fun and if it brought you out of the funk, then it did it's job. You've been doing well with finding time to stitch, those blocks look great. Hope this week is better on all fronts.

Kate said...

Glad you had a great dinner out with the girls and lost a bit of the funk. Congrats on finding time to stitch last. Do you have a new project in mind once you finish off Springtime Romance?

loulee said...

I think dinner with the girls is a perfectly good excuse to not keep up with your 15 minutes goals.