22 December 2011

The Annual Sparkles Christmas Haul

Last night was the annual Sparkles Xmas Show.  The 5 of us head to a local cafe, eat, drink and be merry and of course exchange goodies.  Never in the History has one of the Sparkles missed a Xmas Show, I think even if one of us was on our death bed we would find a way to get too the final get together for the year.  We all acknowledge (to all the Sparkles) that it is the best part about Xmas every year, our birthday get togethers come a close 2nd.

And Why

Because it is a coming together of kindred spirits, the food is always good the cafe we go to.  And of course the pressies.

Each year we all take love and care in preparing a bags of goodies for everyone.  I'd have to say that the only unwritten rule is that CHOCOLATE MUST BE INVOLVED.  There is usually something handmade (not compulsory), sometimes something home backed (again not compulsory) and sewing notions or other goodies.

This years haul included: Florentines, lovely smelly candle, sparkly tree decoration which is just to die for and almost forgot a tin of Haighs choccies from Silvia.  Amazing pin cushion, bobbin mates, Hatched and Patched Note pad and a Pencil that reminds us to KEEP CALM and CARRY ON (much needed lately) and some more Haighs choccies from Helen.  A lovely coffee cup filled with choccies, a charm pack, matching scissors and tape measure and another Hatched and Patched Notebook (a different one) from Sue.  And lastly an amazing bag featuring Amy Butler Lark fabric from Kay which included a tiny rotary cutter (been going to get one of those for paper piecing), tiny rulers , tea ceremony kit, tape measure and of course more chocolate (which according to squid I have to share).

If the girls are reading this.. Thanks again for a lovely night and all the goodies.  I heading out first thing to get my nails done then I'm planning a morning tea with a florentine.


Sue said...

Great post Amanda! and you are right it was the BEST night and the BEST part of Christmas!!! I have already scoffed 2 of my florentines and they were YUMMY!!!!! Love all my pressies and feel extremely blessed to be a Sparkle!!! Cheers S

thea said...

How fun!

Kate said...

Sounds like a very fun tradition. Hope you had a joyous Christmas!