14 December 2011

15 Minute Challenge

I am sure overall the challenge was met just can't remember if I sewed every day.  I know I attempted too I am currently stitching on grey linen and it is really hard to see my stitching lines.  Actually was able to see yesterday at sewing and probably finished more in 2 hours than I had managed all week.  Wearing my glasses and better light would probably help.

The week went like this:  Teachers pressies have gone to a new home so they got finished.
Finalised Pattern 1 cover and requirements page going to printers today
4 Stitching friends pressies just about all stitched (didn't get to it last night)..  did my nails instead ready for Melbourne trip (must start walking around with different shoes, that tan line is really noticeable in this photo).

Head on over to Kate's to see who has met the challenge.


SpinningStar said...

You've gotte a lot done with all the pressies. Love the red nails - just don't get a sunburn on the tops of your feet!


Pat said...

Sounds like you got quite a bit done. Nice toes and tan! I want summer.

thea said...

Love the nails! don't worry about the tan .. kind of fun to have shoes on all the time.

FloS said...

Beautiful feet !! ;)

Shay said...

I really must do my nails because they look disgusting at the moment.

You got a stack done with teachers gifts and pattern writing (and starting friends gifts !)

Sadly I have to wear my glasses a lot these days.

Kate said...

Sounds like you got all the important stuff done last week, which is a lot more than I can say. Are you pretty much done with your pressies?

Love the red nails.