20 December 2011

EEEKKK its nearly Xmas

I am starting to get into the Xmas cheer.  Finished all the Xmas shopping on the weekend, looked at the damage on the plastic yesterday and am wondering what we are going to eat for the next 2 weeks until payday lol.  I have even started wrapping pressies.  Still haven't done my Xmas cards though... probably should but... you know I'm in wind down mode now so I don't see it happening any time soon.  Hubby says we should do them (that being the royal WE and the WE is me).

Work Xmas show is done and dusted for another year.  It doesn't pay to drink one day a year your body just isn't conditioned for it.  It started with an enlightening  ride in the taxi to lunch from the Airport, Rex the taxi driver was such a good ad for Melbourne.  WHAT A TOOL.   He started by asking as where we were from, told us what a hole Adelaide was and then proceeded to tell us what was crap about Melbourne.  Within 2 minutes the boss had text me to say "It's going to be a long trip".  I was all for ditching the guy in the city after we dropped the bags off at the hotel, but the boss decided to be nice.  The guy then gave himself a tip, and handed us his card.

Lunch was great, and we stayed at the pub all day and well into the night, the 9.30pm Strawberry Daiquiri was my only mistake.  That was about the time I got a text from hubby to say the wheels had fallen off at home so I was glad to get back into LOVELY little old Adelaide on Friday in time to pick the kids up from school.

I have to finish sewing 3 small gifts for the girls tomorrow night and I am thinking of last minute thing for Squid that needs to be stitched and then I will be done for the year.   I just got the Blackbird Designs new book and I am thinking of starting their Cross Stitch pattern over xmas break.

The schedule this week is lunch today with the Tuesday sewing girls at Bolliwood (Indian restaurant next to Hetties), then tea tomorrow night with the Sparkles girls, Nails done on Thursday and probably lunch on Friday with the boss (maybe).  After Xmas I am going on a diet... well at least I am going to start eating healthier anyway my spare tire is finding friends.  

Anyway if I don't get back to blogland because of the above I hope everyone has a Lovely Xmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

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