17 June 2007

It's SOOOO Cold and I've got one

Well the kids were sick last week and of course they have been very sharing and I have got the lurgy. Luckily not as badly as the kids just a stuffed up nose so I can at least carry on.

Had a good time at the Choccy Crow auction on Friday night but missed out on the two items I had my eye on. They went way beyond my limit which was good for the girls selling, not so good for me and all the others that missed out.

I received Cinderberry Stitches new patterns last week and have spared no time in starting the Needle Keeper and will post a picture when they are completed. Natalie also has nice blog which keeps you up to date on her latest designs and what this talented lady is up to.

We took up the carpet our bedroom yesterday and today I painted the skirting. Carpets go in on Thursday.....yeah.... the house will start to get back to being a little tidy. I know we are going to regret not taking the wallpaper down in the bedroom and painting before the new carpets go in. But I just feel like this painting is never ending and I really don't know what colour I want in the bedroom. I was thinking today maybe a dusty pink might be nice but my husband probably won't agree and I need a year or two to work up to that argument lol.

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