03 June 2007

More House Stuff

Haven't managed to get into my sewing room again this weekend. I am counting down to the 21st of June when the bedrooms will be carpeted and I can just start to spread out and live in all the rooms in the house. I have been working on Miss Milly's Flower Patch at night and am up to stitching the third block. I am also doing Polka Dot Girls also by Red Brolly but am doing this as a block of the month and have just finished the fourth block. So I am still being creative I suppose.

As we have three weekends until the carpets come, we have decided to do one of the bedrooms a weekend. So now our lounge room my daughter's room, which she delighted in spreading all her toys across the floor about an hour ago. We demolished an ugly built in cupboard and ripped up the carpet, romoved the underlay and then relay the carpet to cover up the spikes. So she has a room with a bed in it. This week I will have to paint (yuck) the skirting boards and the patches where the cupboard was attached to the wall and hope that the sample pot I got is a match for the original point work. The room really needs repainting but I am not doing it for a couple of years I am waiting for her to grow out of her destructive stage (which has been ongoing since birth).

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Sue said...

Your Miss Millie is coming along sooooo well!!!!! Looking fantastic. I need to get my skates on. Cheers S